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Kids&Us Sant Martí

El nostre equip

El nostre equip

El nostre equip
El nostre equip

Preparats per a l’apassionant tasca d’ensenyar anglès als més petits

La nostra prioritat és trobar persones que puguin ensenyar i motivar els nens a aprendre anglès, que connectin i tinguin empatia amb els més petits. Un gran domini de l’anglès, dinamisme, professionalitat, empatia i una gran motivació per la seva feina són les característiques principals del nostre equip docent.

Tot seguit us els presentem:

  • Emily Osborne

    Emily Osborne

    Hi, my name is Emily and I’m 24. I’m from the South East of England from a little town called Hockley, close to the sea. In 2015 I moved to Cádiz and worked at a school in El Puerto de Santa María teaching English to children aged 4 years old. After a year in the South I moved to Madrid and spent a year there teaching English to children aged between 6 and 10 years old. I recently moved to Barcelona and I love it here! I’m very happy to be back living by the sea again. I’m excited to start working at Kids&Us as teaching English as a foreign language is one of my biggest passions. I enjoy watching the children grow and improve each day. I love to be energetic and creative with my students. Outside of work I express my creativity through my hobbies; photography and making music with my friends. I play the guitar and drums and love to sing. I also love travelling, meeting new people and hearing their stories. My dream is to travel to India and experience a culture so different from my own. I would love to document everything through photography and make a film of my time there. I love filmmaking and will study cinematography at an arts school in Madrid next year.

  • Maite Abad

    Maite Abad

    Hi, my name is Maite and I come from Mexico City, where I lived until I finished Uni. Then I went to live in the Netherlands and some years after, I moved to Barcelona. I’ve been teaching English to children since I moved here 5 years ago. This is my fifth year at Kids&Us! I think that teaching kids has to be one of the most rewarding activities in life, which is what I like most about teaching, that and children’s ability to learn anything! In my spare time I love going out on strolls around the city, travelling as often as possible and reading. Hola, em dic Maite i vinc de Ciutat de Mèxic, vaig viure allà fins acabar la universitat. Llavors vaig anar a viure a Holanda i uns quants anys després, a Barcelona. He estat ensenyant anglès als nens des de que vaig venir aquí, fa cinc anys. Aquest és el meu cinquè any! Crec que ensenyar els nens i nenes ha de ser una de les coses més gratificants a la vida. El que més m’agrada d’ensenyar és l’habilitat dels infants per aprendre qualsevol cosa! En el meu temps lliure m’agrada donar voltes per la ciutat, viatjar tant com puc i llegir.

  • Meri Cordero

    Meri Cordero

    Hi! My name is Meri and I am from Barcelona. I’ve always lived in this city because I like it very much! I’ve studied Preschool Education at University of Barcelona. I learned English at school and every time I go on holidays I take the opportunity to practice my speaking skills. I have the Proficiency level of English Certificate. I love reading and baking cakes and I enjoy taking pictures a lot. I also love swimming, watching tv series and going for a walk. I think that my favorite color is red, but I like other colors too. My favorite food is my grandma’s "paella", it’s amazing! :) Moreover, I love travelling and I do it whenever I can. My dream trip is going to Canada and discover all the interesting places there. Nice to meet you!

  • Claudia Dörr

    Claudia Dörr

    Hi there! My name is Claudia and I come from Germany, even though I’m currently living in Castelldefels. Before that, I used to live near Dublin, where I attended the National University of Ireland studying Translation Studies and Anthropology. What I mostly like about teaching is the fact of getting to know a wide range of personalities, to experience the kids’ learning progress and to learn from each other while having some craic (which means ‘fun’ in Gaelic). I love spending my free time training the u-12 kids from my Rugby Club, playing rugby myself, growing my vegetable garden, hiking in the mountains, doing theatre and playing the guitar and the piano. I guess my dream trip is going to be my next stop: New Zealand. Why? There isn’t a better country to play rugby and to explore its infinite variety of nature.

  • Joshua Wroath

    Joshua Wroath

    Hello! My name is Joshua, I am 28 and I am from the UK. I grew up on a small island in the south of the country called the Isle of Wight. I studied History at Bath Spa University, a very unique and quaint city in the west of England. I enjoyed my studies there greatly, learning about cultural history from around the world. After these studies I moved to London and began working in the music industry. Music is my favourite thing in life, being the essence of life for me . After a year in this industry though I was tired. I got a job at a large travel company and from here my life changed dramatically. I decided to travel myself . On the first trip I travelled through the US and South America for over 6 months. From here begun my love of the Spanish language. Later I would go on another trip, going from London to Tokyo all on land or boat: no planes! It was a fantastic feeling to reach Japan and know I had done it all by not flying. This summer, I decided to move to Barcelona. I had been here three times before and it had become my favourite city in the world. Moving here in September 2017, I enrolled and started 8 weeks of Spanish lessons. After completing these I decided to stay in Barcelona and become an English teacher. My hobbies include music (playing and listening), football, languages, vegetarian cooking and travel. I had been thinking of becoming a teacher of English for many years, having met many teachers on my travels around the world. With this I am soon to start at Kids & Us and am excited to start teaching all the children there! Hope to meet you soon! Joshua

  • Ana Tardío

    Ana Tardío

    My name is Ana and this is my first year working at Kids&Us. I am bilingual: I speak Spanish and English. I went to a bilingual secondary school, where there was a very international environment and I could meet people from all around the world! I also studied at the University of Edinburgh and, throughout my life, I have travelled to many English-speaking countries like the United States, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Besides, I have a bachelor’s degree in English Linguistics and Literature because I have always loved English language. I do not like to keep my knowledge for myself, and that is why I have been a teacher for three years and now I am very excited about sharing what I know again with new children – it is great to see how they learn so fast and become so good at English. I cannot wait to meet all the kids and start this trip full of colours with them!

  • Laura Morella

    Laura Morella

    My name is Laura and I've been teaching for more than ten years now; I started as a particular English teacher for little children and also 14-years old students, but after some years of experience I decided to challenge myself and start to look or a teacher/monitor job. I worked as an external teacher in schools and nursery schools for many years until I got a job as a monitor in Kids&Us Summer fun four years ago. Thanks to that opportunity, I had an appropriate experience so they finally hired me as a teacher last year. I improved my English skills all by myself travelling, listening to music and watching films (my three passions), and I've dedicated my life to teaching because for me it's the job that shows my abilities and vocation the best. I can be "doing my job" without actually realising that I'm "working that hard". In my head I'm having fun too and if I do, kids will do so as well.

  • Stevi Panou

    Stevi Panou

    My name is Stavroula and I’m Greek. I´m 22 years old and I moved recently to Barcelona to do my internship. I am both primary and English teacher and I really like teaching because I love children so much. At the moment I’m teaching English in Ramon Llull School and my students are between 3 and 12 years old. I started learning English when I was very young and because of my good English teachers I loved this language a lot! I´ve been abroad many times and so, I had the opportunity to practice more my language skills. Two years ago I was in the Netherlands where I stayed for six months to do my studies. The best part of this experience is that I worked with children at the age of 3, 4, 5 and 6 year old and I had the chance to get to know a different point of teaching. London was my second destination which helped me to improve my English as I had to deal only with native English speakers (great challenge)! What I like the most about teaching is the feeling that I have after each lesson. When I see my students happy then I know that I did a great job during the class. Honestly I’m not of those traditional teachers who use non-innovative ways of teaching. I´m trying to make my students feel comfortable during the lessons, feel like they´re at home. I also help them to discover themselves and their abilities through the different activities that we do and have fun all together!

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